Don't Risk Radon Exposure

Homestead Inspections, LLC offers radon testing in Johnson City, Kingsport, TN, Abingdon, Bristol, VA and the entire Tri-Cities area

Radon is a hazardous gas that comes from the soil beneath your house. If it enters your home, it can harm your family. Homestead Inspections, LLC offers comprehensive radon testing to make sure your home is safe.

All of our inspectors complete InterNACHI's Advanced Radon Measurement Service Provider course, so you'll always work with a trained radon measurement expert. Visit the Credentials page to learn more about our skills and expertise.

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Radon is dangerous-and it might already be in your home - get a radon test today!

As radon rises out of the soil, it can enter your home through small cracks and porous spaces. Once inside, radon can:

  • Build within your home and create a toxic environment
  • Cause respiratory issues that increase over time
  • Cause lung cancer, especially in smokers

The only way to know whether your house has radon is to test for it. Call Homestead Inspections now at 276-698-5539 to speak with a certified home inspector.

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